The Kindness Retreat: My Eye Opening Experience

Before getting into the major details of this blog, I should fill you in a little bit.  I am strong in my faith, and I was and still am very involved in things such as hosting retreats for other schools.

I have been doing retreats for 4 years through my parish and being home on spring break from college, I had the opportunity to go and be a helper for the youth frontier retreat group.  Today my eyes were opened.

There was something about this one in particular today that completely opened my eyes to what so many people go through each day.  Todays message was kindness.

Something that really stuck and something I want to pass around is called the Kindness Boomerang. For example:  If you wanted to be treated with respect, you must first be respectful to others.

Although I was helping out lead this event with the other volunteers from my parish and the Faribault school parish, I learned so many things as well.  After doing so many retreats these parts few years, it amazes me of all the things I have left to learn.

My main reason to writing this is because we really DONT know what anyone is going through.  After meeting with my individual 5th grade group and meeting as a whole, the way these 5th graders see people being treated is absolutely unacceptable.

We talked about unkind actions they see in their schools and what we can do to make it go away.  The message also asked whose job is it to stop it if we see it.  They all responded with “its our job”.

My favorite quote, “Be kind to one another” really makes its way into this retreat today and today everything clicked.

I say this because about halfway through, when we were letting the kids talk about what they can do better, someone they want to thank, and something they are sorry for along the lines of the unkind actions, I started to cry.

Hearing what these kids had to say about what they see and what they want to see.  The people they are thankful for such as their leaders, teachers, and parents, and seeing what they want to change to make their school a better place was such an inspiration and very emotional.

It made me realize, this is exactly what I want to do.  My love for the church and spreading the word of God to these children today made me see that I want to spend the rest of my life giving back and being that person that can make learning about such valuable lessons worth while.

Today, I gave back to these children and I was also given the gift of learning more from such a wonderful group of leaders from Youth Frontiers.  I couldn’t be more grateful for the experience I was given today from these wonderful leaders, volunteers and especially these wonderful, gifted children of God.

Never forget: Be Kind To One Another.

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One thought on “The Kindness Retreat: My Eye Opening Experience

  1. Andrea- Josh from Youth Frontiers here. Thanks for your kind words about the impact of our retreats and sharing your experience from it. Encouraging words like this are the fuel for us to keep doing what we are doing. I am in charge of our paid internship program and if you would be interested in applying to be a part of our team for a fall season of retreats you should consider it. I know your major is nursing, however people that are a part of our internship program go on to do all kinds of different work.

    Here is more info:


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