To my favorite talk show host… EVER!

First off I want to say thank you! Thank you for being such an inspiration to so many people around the world. Thank you for giving so much to help people.  Straight up, thank you for EVERYTHING you do.

I have been watching the show for a good year now.  For the number of years it has been around you could say I’m a little behind.  Even being 10 years behind on the show, I still know how great of a person you are.

For anyone reading this, I should let you know that my favorite host is Ellen DeGeneres.  In the past year of watching this I have been blown away  with all of the amazing things she has done for people.

Aside from the guest stars that appear on her show, she helps people struggling with payments that are stuck in terrible situations, military families, or even college students like myself.  She and those she partners with give anything they can to help out those in need.

You will hear many people say that Ellen is the best therapy.  For those who have had situations causing them to be in the hospital or in financial crisis, that one hour a day spent watching Ellen is the one thing that makes life seem a little bit easier.

Not only has she made other people feel good, but also myself.  Being in college is a crazy life change to say the least.  In my experience it has been extremely lonely.  By watching her show, I have had the best time and I have felt like I was a part of the audience due to the inclusion and excitement each show.  The amount of laughter and tears of joy that you can have during these shows blow my mind.

She has a quote saying “Be kind to one another.” This might seem like something obvious, yet many people seem to forget it very easily.  This is something I definitely live by because the world needs a little more kindness.

As I said before, she inspires people everyday and has definitely inspired me to do more too.

I used to volunteer for my church and community before college.  While in college I thought,”Why not make an impact on the community here as well?”  So besides school and work, I will now be adding volunteering as well.

It might not seem like much but I am volunteering at the local Humane Society.  If I can make even the smallest impact in the world, it is truly a blessing.

I have learned so much from watching her show.  Not only impacting my life but so many others, she makes me want to do more for those struggling.  Giving back is one small thing that I can do as an act of kindness that could make someones day go from bad to good.

So I end on this.  I challenge you to #BeKindToOneAnother and make a difference in the world.  Nothing crazy of course.  Maybe its a passing smile or a hello as your cross paths with someone.  Maybe its helping someone in school or work better understand or comprehend something.

Anyone can make a difference and it only creates a cycle.  Its up to you to make the decision.  Thank you Ellen for being that positive light in my day and making me want to do more in my community to make a difference.






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